Phillip L. Brockman

Philadelphia Memorial Panel: Panel 4
National Memorial Panel / Row: West 62 / 6
Date of Birth: 22-Nov-1947
Neighborhood: Camden
High School:
Street: Berley Street
Branch of Service: Marine Corps
Rank: PFC
Date of Casualty: 31-May-1968
Province of Casualty:
Brockman met his wife while still in high school in Winston-Salem, NC. He was an auto mechanic before enlisting in the Marine Corps in November 1967. The 20-year-old pnivale first class, a rifleman, was assigned to Company M of Battalion Landing Team 3/I, 9th Marine Amphibious Brigade. Brockman died on May 31, 1968, a month after arriving in Vietnam. In addition to his wife, he was survived by his daughter, mother, brother and four sisters.