John R. Feeser

Philadelphia Memorial Panel: Panel 9
National Memorial Panel / Row: West 11 / 101
Date of Birth: 26-Dec-1949
Neighborhood: Kensington
High School: Northeast Catholic High School
Street: Jasper Street
Branch of Service: Army
Rank: PFC
Date of Casualty: 05-May-1970
Province of Casualty: Cambodia
"Johnny" Feeser graduated from Northeast Catholic High School in June 1969. He worked that summer as an elevator operator at the Barclay Hotel, where his father was a long-: time bellman, and enlisted in the Army in September 1969. The 20-year-old private first class hoped to marry and become a mechanic. Feeser�s parents, who had rented a home most of their lives, had recently bought a house which they were fixing up as a gift for their son and his bride-to-be. Feeser, a light weapons infantryman with Company B of the 2nd Battalion, 47th Infantry, 9th Infantry Division, died during the U.S. invasion of Cambodia on May 5, 1970. He was survived by his parents