Francis S. Kovacs

Philadelphia Memorial Panel: Panel 17
National Memorial Panel / Row: West 26 / 21
Date of Birth: 30-May-1949
Neighborhood: Torresdale
High School: Lincoln College Preparatory School
Street: DiMarco Drive
Branch of Service: Marine Corps
Rank: PFC
Date of Casualty: 21-May-1969
Province of Casualty: Quang Tu
Kovacs� sister was only 3 years old when her brother died in Vietnam, but she learned a great deal about him from her family: He was a doer, always thoughtful of others, and an honors graduate of Lincoln College Prepar�tory School. He enlisted in the Marine Corps In 1968 right out of high school and was or- dered to Vietnam in January 1969. The young rifleman said be liked the Marines, but he was looking forward to coming home and at-tending college and getting married. His family last saw him over the 1968 Christmas boll-day before he reported for duty with Company G of the 2nd Battalion, 9th Marines, 3rd Marine Division. Kovacs died in Quang Tn Province on April 21, 1969, a month before his 20th birthday. He was survived by his parents, a brother and a sister.