Franklin S. Rutberg

Philadelphia Memorial Panel: Panel 26
National Memorial Panel / Row: East 19 / 74
Date of Birth: 08-Nov-1942
Neighborhood: Summerdale
High School: Northeast High School
Street: Unruh Avenue
Branch of Service: Army
Rank: PFC
Date of Casualty: 09-May-1967
Province of Casualty: Quang Ngai
"Frank" Rutberg was a prolific letter writer. In one letter home from Vietnam, he spoke of how his religion had enabled him to better understand the war: Jewish writings have often spoke of the universality of man before the Lord. Here in Vietnam, one learns quickly the basic cormmon denominators all men possess . . . at the front the enemy is color blind; he does not care if his target is black, white or yellow . , . Does a man deserve freedom less or a chance to carry on a normal life because his skin is yellow and he lives 10,000 miles away? Rutberg also frequently wrote government leaders and politicians letters in which he supported or scolded them for their policies on poverty, taxes, civil rights and education. He avidly supported the U.S. government position in Vietnam and wrote President Johnson and Vice President Humphrey of his feelings. Both wrote letters back thanking him. He graduated from Northeast High School and Temple Community College and was pursuing a degree in secondary education at Temple University when he was drafted into the Army in May 1966. He had told family and friends he was considering becoming a journalist. The 24-year-old private first class, a grenadier. was sent to Vietnam where he was assigned to Troop E of the 2nd Squadron, 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment. Rutberg was killed in Vietnam on May 9, 1967. Survivors include his parents and a brother.