Rowland J. Adamoli

Philadelphia Memorial Panel: Panel 1
National Memorial Panel / Row: East 2 / 53
Date of Birth: 18-May-1940
Neighborhood: Germantown
High School: GED
Street: W. Ashmead St.
Branch of Service: Marine Corps
Rank: CPL
Date of Casualty: 18-Aug-1965
Province of Casualty: Quang Tin
Adamoli, 25, was one of the first Marines from Philadelphia to die in Vietnam. He had dropped out of high school and gone to work as an apprentice bricklayer when he joined the Marine Corps in August 1961. The 6-footer, youngest of six children, later earned his high school diploma in the service. Adamoli loved country music and played soccer and football at the Germantown Boys Club. He had extended his enlistment six months to qualify for a tour of duty in Vietnam after American involvement there escalated sharply in 1965. Adamoli was considering apprenticing as an electrical linesman with a Marine buddy when they returned home. "He was kind of a daring boy," recalled a sister after his death in Chu Lai, Quang Tin Province, on Aug. 18, 1965, during Operation Starlight. The corporal, an amphibious tractor crew chief had been assigned to Company A, 1st Amphibious Tractor Battalion, 4th Marifles, 3rd Marine Division. In addition to his sister, Adamoli was survived by his wife and a daughter. His father, a Marine combat veteran decorated for bravery in World War I. died the previous year.