Patrick J. Carnell

Philadelphia Memorial Panel: Panel 5
National Memorial Panel / Row: East 28 / 64
Date of Birth: 20-Sep-1945
Neighborhood: Torresdale
High School: Abraham Lincoln High School
Branch of Service: Army
Rank: SP4
Date of Casualty: 25-Oct-1967
Province of Casualty: Binh Duong
"Pat is a quiet but friendly fellow," read the caption next to Carnell�s senior picture in the 1963 Abraham Lincoln High School yearbook. "We know he�ll be a success in college whatever he attempts." The 22-year-old specialist had worked for United Parcel Service by day and attended Temple University at night before entering the Army in November 1966. He was a gunner and team leader, and was as-signed to Company D of the 4th Battalion, 9th Infantry, 25th Infantry Division, in Vietnam. Carnell died on Oct. 25, 1967, in Binh Duong. He was survived by his mother.