Donald J. Hertrich

Philadelphia Memorial Panel: Panel 13
National Memorial Panel / Row: West 39 / 37
Date of Birth: 02-Aug-1948
Neighborhood: Tacony
High School: Father Judge High School
Street: Charles Street
Branch of Service: Army
Rank: CPL
Date of Casualty: 08-Nov-1968
Province of Casualty: Tay Ninh
Hertrich was one of seven men from Tacony to die in Vietnam and like five of the others, attended St. Leo�s Elementary School at Kirkwood and Unruh streets. He and one of the seven, William H. Carpenter Jr., were close friends. Hertrich�s life was filled with "good times and good friends," recalled friend Bart Kline, who volunteered his services to help build the Philadelphia Vietnam Veterans Memorial in memory of Hertrich. "All the girls liked Don. He was taller than most of us," Kline said. "He had long eyelashes and big dimples when he smiled." Hertrich. a 1966 Father Judge High School graduate, worked as a clerk at the Acme supermarket at 7100 Frankford Ave for two years and was engaged to be married before be entered the Army in October 1967. He planned to attend college when he returned home. The 20-year-old corporal, a light weapons infantryman and personnel carrier driver, was sent to Vietnam in April 1968 and assigned to Company A of the 2nd Battalion, 22nd Infantry, 25th infantry Division. Hertrich died on Nov. 8, 1968. He was survived by his parents, a brother and two sisters.